Thanks for stopping by for whatever reason!  My goal for this blog is to tell it like I see it.  No PC or sugar coated messages.  I see things that are sometimes interesting, or that anger me, or just simply puzzle the hell out of me.  There are times when I will be out of line, but I am not afraid to be corrected.  I am also very open to all different points of view.  So hopefully, some of my posts will invoke the response from my audience that I think it will or I will be dead wrong about an issue and welcome dialogue to help me view it from another angle.  Please note, however, that I will never change my LENS. I can empathize with others but I view the world through my personal life experiences as well as how I define who I am.   Whatever happens, I just want to use this as a free public space to share my thoughts and opinions on the diversity of black environments…. aka communities or neighborhoods!

Let’s begin…..