I’m currently searching for the positive elements of black communities because, truthfully, I’m beginning to get discouraged!  I am not saying that there aren’t good people doing good things that live in black communities, but rather looking at the aggregate and wondering, what do we stand for as a community.  It is very sad to see our young men hanging around with their pants hanging off of them and our young women dressing to expose as much of themselves as they can get away with legally.  It’s even sadder to see the lack of pride, the sheer despair and hopelessness that is very visual in our communities.  No sparkle in the eyes of the weary headed off to work for another day or the ever present “bench groupies” that appear day in and day out, like clockwork – but not orange.  It actually has an air of oppression.  It wasn’t like that for me, I don’t believe and maybe for most of these younger folks, they feel the same.  Maybe one day they will come back to their neighborhoods and describe it in ways that will romanticize what actually went on.  We forget that there was a generation before us that were less “free” and saw some of the things we did as wasteful and selfish; not really respectful or giving a damn.  I am searching hard for the common bond as teenagers, but I sense that things are very different now for this group and I want so much to do something about it before they end up wasting their youth.  It’s already too late for some!

Pondering…… what’s next?